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To become the preeminent legal and tax specialists selected by individuals investing in Vietnam and internationally


We add value to our customers via consulting, as well as sharing tax-related corporate law knowledge and case studies. We assist businesses to increase their competitiveness, and save time, so they may be free to concentrate on their core business activities and grow their companies



VTAX places utmost importance on building its Credibility and vigorously protects its Credibility as one would protect one’s own honor

VTAX is fully prepared to execute its plans and spares no effort in meeting its commitments, even going beyond the expectations of customers and partners

• VTAX considers Integrity an important foundation of its business. We comply fully with the law and maintain the highest levels of professional and social ethics

• VTAX adopts a customer-service approach, and will only take on a task when we are confident in our ability to execute it fully

• VTAX adopts a fully customer-centric approach, in which we place the interests and desires of our clients above our own interests

• VTAX listens carefully to our Clients’ problems and concerns, and then offers solutions for dealing with those problems and concerns in the most optimal, efficient, and cost effective way

VTAX fosters close relationships with our customers, business partners, colleagues, investors and society-at-large with goodwill, compassion and a humane spirit.

VTAX accords the higest respect to the virtues of professionalism by developing a culture of continuous learning. Specifically, VTAX focuses on building expertise in client management, continuously raising the professional skills and confidence of our staff, and providing career advancement opportunities for each of our employees.

VTAX ultimately strives to develop our human capital so that they have both a clear sense of sound Ethics, and complete Knowledge of their advisory area, to become experts in their field. We work hard to attract and retain the right person for each position, allowing each employee to grow in their role, or face termination if unsuited for our culture.

We value employees as our most important resource; we build a professional, dynamic, creative and compassionate work environment, and provide a superior compensation package and fair development opportunities to all employees.

VTAX values teamwork, solidarity, discipline and loyalty, and demonstrates corporate social responsibility that harmonizes corporate goals with community contributions.


Our clients’ satisfaction is our ultimate goal


In 2012, the Viet Nam Tax Consulting and Training Corporation (VTAX) was established. The corporation was established as unit trust entity. Since then, VTAX has been chosen as a trusted adviser by a large number of enterprises and individuals who invest in businesses, both in Vietnam, and in the international markets.

As a result of rigorous development, VTAX has now become one of the leading companies in Viet Nam specializing in tax accounting services for businesses. So far we have supported and provided services to more than 600 corporate customers and over 100 domestic and foreign individuals.



Certificate of merit awarded by the Ministry of Finance for contributions to tax consultancy, information dissemination, and support of taxpayers to better understand the effective implementation of tax policies during the period of 2008 – 2017

Certificate of merit awarded by the Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City for outstanding achievement in programs to support start-up businesses in 2017

Certificate of merit given by Ho Chi Minh City Business Association for our contribution to building and developing the Ho Chi Minh City Tax Club

Certificate of merit given by the HCMC Tax Club for having excellence in tax agent activities, and for the development of the Tax Agent Club during the period of 2015 – 2016



Participation in talks to implement Resolution No. 19 with the leaders of Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department and General Department of Taxation.

Received the certificate of merit from the Ministry of Finance at the 3rd Vietnam Tax Consulting Conference

Regular attendance at the Asian – Oceania Tax Consultants’ Association (AOTCA) Annual Conference in Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Mongolia.

Attendance of workshops to improve business environments through tax reforms.

Participation in Exchange Program with Tax Agents from the Tokyo Public Tax Accountants’ Associations – Japan

Participation in talks to implement Resolution No. 19 with the leaders of Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department and General Department of Taxation